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Experienced speaker, author, doctor and mental wellness advocate, Dr. Hansa Bhargava shows us how to maximize our inner strength, our physical and mental health, and our compassion to become more energetic, focused and better at whatever we choose to do in our life.

It’s been a tough few years, and many of us are fatigued and burned out. But through cognitive strategies with an eye on preventive health, I would like to help you feel better , and have a ‘toolbox’ to draw from to navigate life and help you feel better. Mental and physical health are intertwined—one deeply impacts the other— and achieving optimal wellbeing takes prevention, and intention. Viewing health through this lens, we can move toward being the best version of ourselves, ultimately finding success and happiness along the way.


The real talk here is so nice to hear.

- Ricky Pae, Keynote Participant

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My experiences range from patient- and clinician-facing care to product solutions to AI-based tech and innovation. I’ve been honored to have opportunities to be heard on and off the stage, delivering talks, podcasts, videos and blogs on mental well-being, nutrition, and women’s health. In addition to delivering keynotes on using current digital footprints and AI for better outcomes and care, my broadcast experience includes being featured on CNN, NPR, Forbes. I’ve served as an expert moderator on various panels that featured Former First Lady Michelle Obama and UNICEF to talk about issues around nutrition, women’s health, parenting, and mental wellness. I’ve also made regular appearances on CBS Atlanta, FOX, CNN and have been a spokesperson for Fit, WebMD Baby App, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Through my clinical experience, and my training in resiliency, and Cognitive Based Compassion, I hope to show you how to make the best decisions when under pressure and tap into working with your inner, extraordinary self.

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Educational and impelling - a must-read book

Dr. Bhargava is an award-winning speaker, writer, and author with lived, personal experience. In her most recent book, Building Happier Kids, Dr. Bhargava helps parents understand the impact of stress and shares concrete steps they can take to reduce the pressure on their children and teens, helping to increase their health and happiness. She also points out the importance of self-compassion for parents as parental burnout can affect every aspect of life. Her practical tools offer realistic, balanced advice that will help you prioritize health and restore the happiness of childhood.

Data shows that an estimated 20% of Americans aged 12 to 18 — about 1 in 5 teens — suffer from at least one mental health disorder and that ⅓ of our children will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder by age 18. Our kids, subjected to stress and demands of a hectic schedule of school, sports, and activities, combined with the constant drumbeat of media and living up to ‘perfect’ images on social accounts, have experienced a perfect storm that truly has put their wellbeing and happiness at risk. And that has become a tragedy for many families.

With connection, community, and compassion, Bhargava discusses how we can find calm and contentment, for better, more productive, and happier lives.


Concise and filled with practical nuggets, this is a winning quick-reference manual for parents.

- Julia M. Reffner, Columnist at Library Journal


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With the rising, unprecedented pressures that people face in a technological and performance-oriented culture, I strongly believe that emotional and mental well-being are the fundamentals of a healthy and happy life.

Connect with me on social, where I walk you through the mental wellbeing “toolbox” and motivational approaches while breaking down some of the key issues that cause many to experience emotional adversity in today’s modern society.

Raised by a single parent, hard work and overcoming challenges were truly a part of my upbringing. My mom, an immigrant with a graduate degree in Sanskrit, a language that was not relevant in Canada, re-educated herself by taking evening classes while holding down a job and raising me and my 2 sisters. She was a strong, remarkable parent and an amazing role model.

Following in my mom’s footsteps I have worked part-time and summer jobs since the age of 14. After medical school and residency, when I married and finally hoped to have children, we struggled with infertility. Specialists helped us, and we were grateful to have two wonderful twin babies. They were born premature, and had learning challenges as young children. It took a village but eventually they were able to have a smooth pathway in school.

Parenting is hard work — even for a pediatrician!

Working pediatric ER shifts and being a medical director at a major hospital center while raising two young children with learning differences eventually took a toll and led to fatigue and burnout. I struggled and eventually decided to take a different road to find balance and to do what I was passionate about—making healthcare better through empowering patients.

As Senior Medical Director at WebMD, I could reach millions of people through relevant digital health content, meeting them wherever they were. I helped build apps and worked with partners such as Apple, Scripps, and other innovation leaders as well as the White House, Jed Foundation, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). My most recent transition was to Chief Medical Officer of Medscape Education, again to help raise awareness and educate doctors, nurses and healthcare staff. In this role, I produced a documentary on resiliency, podcasts, and helped launch mental wellbeing platform. I also became certified as a Cognitive Based Compassion Training Instructor at Emory University and I now teach about self care, the importance of connections, and making change in your life.

My hope as a thought leader in resiliency, women’s health, pediatrics, and innovation is to offer patients a toolbox for whole health. I believe that a 360-degree approach to health is key, and should span traditional western to Eastern medicine, telemedicine to digital and wearables. We should constantly adapt innovative ways to better our health.

I’ve been fortunate to have two decades of clinical experience combined with expertise in digital communication and innovation leadership. I’ve learned deeply about emotional and mental health through training at Emory University and also, personally, the challenges of being a single parent. For all of us to be healthy and strong, It’s important to be open to and understand the impact of emotional wellbeing on physical health and life, and to embrace innovative digital health technologies to help us access care.

This will make our health amazing, our healthcare seamless, and lead to better outcomes — and a better life!

Building Happier Kids: Stress-busting Tools for Parents

Kids today are facing unprecedented pressures—and their mental health is suffering. As a parent, you may feel burned out and exhausted yourself—and perhaps overwhelmed by the idea of taking on your child’s stress. But Building Happier Kids offers practical, concrete steps you can take to help your kids and yourself!


Dr.Bhargava was always incredibly thoughtful, insightful and empathetic. She deeply cared about the health and well-being of children and worked hard to find solutions to problems that would offer relief, whether an ailment or general concern

- Meredith Klein, Head of Consumer & Product Comms

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